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 Brasco Enterprises' Energy Solutions Division (ESD) aims at helping companies worldwide to buy, sell, import and export oil derivatives.  We are members of the Independent Petroleum Association of America. Our consultants aid private sector oil, gas and petrochemical industry players around the world achieve efficient and innovative solutions to their supply chain, import and export challenges.

Additionally, clients benefit from our ability to offer a full range of consulting services with a significant depth of resources in wind and solar energy in the countries where we operate (United States, Brazil, India, and Russia).  

The expertise of our ESD' team includes strategic joint ventures, project development and financing, M&A, product sales, real estate, risk management for every stage of fossil and renewable energies value chain.  


We have a broad outlook in the sector. Our consultants are able to handle all aspects of a project from inception to completion, including product marketing and sales , accessing debt and equity markets, joint venturing across the value chain, compliance and anti-corruption and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) issues. Companies often struggle to make the leap from successful pilots to organization-wide rollout, and in many cases transformation efforts have essentially stalled. Knowing where you stand and what to do next can help you quickly get back on track.  

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