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Brasco Enterprises offers an extensive range of services that go from incorporating a company in Brazil, obtaining permits, appointing the registered agent, as far to recruiting, real estate, management, and fulfilling all needs your company may have. Brasco Enterprises will substantially help your company achieve the next-level of success.  Services include project financing, network formation, distributorship network, integration, unlocking a situation through our extensive contacts in the market, identifying and approaching targets, advising on the structure of transactions, interacting with counterparties, negotiating and advising during the course of a transaction, and referrals.

REPRESENTATIVE (Registered Agent)

Foreign entities incorporating abroad are required by law to permanently maintain a legal representative who is the registered agent in the Country.​

A legal representative must have powers to sign on behalf of the foreign partners, solve issues related to the business, respond in a legal capacity, and receive summons on behalf of the overseas company.

The legal representative appointed by the company does not necessarily have to be a citizen, but he or she must have legal presence in the country as a permanent resident.

Regardless of the type of entity you are incorporating, each partner, quotaholder, or shareholder must have a legal representative fully empowered to act on behalf of the company and its members.​

Brasco Enterprises offers highly-qualified legal representatives who may, should you choose, administer the entity being incorporated in Brazil, India, or Russia.

​Whether you are just starting in Brazil or intends to change the current legal representative, you can rely on our services.

​Contact us and we will be glad to understand your needs and provide the best solution.



We incorporate your business in any of the following jurisdictions: Brazil, Russia, India, and also in the United States. 

Brasco Enterprises can provide a full spectrum of company formation services. Further, we are also well positioned to support our clients in administering their companies by providing a range of technical and corporate services through our extensive network associate firms.

We can have your company fully incorporated anywhere in the jurisdictions Brasco Enterprises has expertise whether it is a brand-new venture, a branch, or a subsidiary. Regardless of the legal structure you choose and the industry in which your business operates, we have you covered from A to Z.  You do not have to worry about licenses, authorizations, registrations, or any bureaucratic ordinances, because we will take care of those for you.

Should you be uncertain what jurisdiction best works for your business, our team of specialists can guide you through such decisions, providing thorough information and our opinion on region, city, state, and country.

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Our Global Services Division (GSD) presents all specialized services we provide worldwide by our top-notch senior professionals, using our own patented software.

GSD services can be accessed our Global Services Page.   Some of the services GSD provides are:

  • •    Enterprise Risk Managemen

  • •    Mergers & Acquisitions

  • •    Turnaround

  • •    Scenario Analysis

  • •    Due Diligence

  • •    Scenario Follow Up

  • •    Go-To-Market

  • •    In-House Courses

  • •    Compliance Programs

  • •    Compliance Implementation

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We are a global company with a highly-specialized team in each area of its expertise, and we are who is able to deliver state-of-the-art services from A to Z. 

We offer the same services the big auditing and consulting companies provide, but at a much better price than what your business would spend with the Big Four.

Brasco Enterprises has cutting-edge patented software to automatically calculate risks and run other check-ups on our clients' businesses.




Our mission is to make Brasco Enterprises  the preferred consulting company in all channels by delivering outstanding value, continuous innovation and exceptional client experience.  We aim at being the most trusted provider of business solutions for emerging markets, honoring our commitment that clients come first.

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Exploring a new market not only requires lots of planning but also strategy.

You may be used to doing business in foreign markets exporting and/or importing goods.  However, expanding your own operation into emerging markets is challenging. A number of factors must be considered, including location, logistics, tariffs, etc.

Partnering with us, enables you to draw the perfect strategy to safely and successfully start in an emerging market.  Some strategies may put your company far ahead of your competitors, allowing your company to obtain sustainable and lasting growth. In fact, exploring new markets is a wise decision to grow and avoid the impact of a setback in your home market.  There are emblematic cases that operations overseas saved the main business of a corporation.  If you want to hear about some of those cases, ask us.  Indeed, history shows that large corporations achieved global operations and impressive success through expanding their operations to other markets.

By taking the first steps towards implementing an operation in a foreign market, you secure a steady entrance, mitigating costs during the implementation process.  In the meantime, your trademark and product are already becoming known.  Depending on what product your company sells, you may need special registrations with regulatory bodies, which may be a lengthy process.  Therefore, with low investment, it is possible to prepare for a solid start in a market.

We can help your company to successfully enter an emerging market - specifically Brazil - with low investment and a clear-cut strategy. Ask us for more information on how to start into a new market with low investment and virtually risk-free.

You may also be interested in secondary ways to explore a specific market  such as piggybacking, franchising, licensing, exporting, joint ventures, partnering, acquisitions, greenfield investments, turnkey projects, etc.

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